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Exploring Design Alternatives

Jared Spool (Twitter: @jmspool) of UIE and Robert Hoekman (Twitter: @rhjr) of Miskeeto started a podcast to talk about all things user experience. It’s called “Userability.” The premise of the podcast is that Jared and Robert will take a call from a listener and answer the caller’s question.

I was fortunate to be able to participate in the first show. Here was the question I posed,

“I work for an e-learning company. We have a grading feature in our product that gives teachers the ability to grade an assignment by applying a grade to a gradebook. When we designed this, because of time constraints, we only focused on a few “grading” use cases and we only came up with a few design ideas. I wish we had brainstormed more. How can I influence my team’s culture to value design exploration, even within our current constraints?”

Basically, I wanted to figure out how the team could explore a lot of ideas before widdling down these ideas to a select few. Listen to what Jared and Robert have to say: Userability Podcast #1: Exploring More Design Alternatives.

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