Service Design


Design is not just about interfaces and product features. Organizations win when they gain empathy for the customer’s entire experience with the organization. Their experiences are impacted through a variety of touchpoints with a company. The customer doesn’t care what the company org chart looks like. Service design is an approach to understanding the customer experience and looking to improve products and services based on that understanding.


The goal of service design is to improve products and services, not from the perspective of company goals, but through the perspective of customer needs and goals. It helps organizations work across silos to benefit the customer.


Rob is a big picture, strategic thinker. When working with Allegis Group, he worked to define and map customer journeys to help the business innovate. While at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, he helped the enterprise define an “ecosystem” in the end-stage renal disease space. The idea being that by creating a shared understanding of the people, systems, processes, and policies, he can lead teams to understand their customer journeys and improve the products, services, and policies that serve them.