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Links for 2015-03-10

  • Automating Style Guide-Driven Development [Smashing Magazine – Mar 05, 2015] – Style guides – especially living ones – are useful in many aspects of development and maintenance, so it’s little wonder that developing them has become a highly recommended and a popular practice. But even with the clear benefits, taking the necessary steps to create and start using them is easier said than done, as quite often the challenge is cultural, requiring changes in people’s mindsets. In order to make the transition as painless as possible, equipping yourself with the most helpful tools and automating as many steps as possible become important. These living style guides promote a systematic approach to composing layouts, which used to be just a task within the user interface development process. Incorporating style guides into the development process places importance on the tools used to build the component catalogue. Style guides come in many forms and shapes, but in this article we’ll concentrate on style guides that are generated directly from the style definition sources – i.e. CSS and its modern variants.
  • Top 25 OS X Sketch Plugins for Designers [Vandelay Design – Mar 09, 2015] – For this post, I’ve collected 25 free – useful Sketch plugins meant for all types of design. Whether you create icons, interfaces, or anything else, these plugins will surely improve your workflow.
  • Font Awesome to PNG online generator