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Links for 2015-03-03

  • GOV.UK User Research Methods Wiki [Hackpad]
  • How UX Can Benefit From Copywriting: 7 Helpful Tips [UsabilityTools – Feb 27, 2015] – Copywriting and designing user experience may seem like two different professions, but there is something they have in common. Both copywriters and UX designers create elements that interact with particular groups of people. They focus on identifying and finding a perfect user or a customer and making him or her respond in a particular way. However, as a UX designer you can use copywriters’ experience and benefit from it. There are certain practices of copywriters that can be easily adopted into the UX design.
  • Why We Banished the Hamburger Menu From Our iPhone App [Redbooth – Jan 13, 2015] – If you know a little about mobile design, you might already know that the “hamburger menu” is a frequently-used design trick for adding (or hiding) extra functionality somewhere off your main screens. You might also know that it’s terrible for user discovery and engagement, and that Apple discourages its use.
  • The Wolff Olins Report #WOreport [2015] – If design thinking is about moving from an existing situation to a better one, then the CEO is designer-in-chief
  • Designing for the Next Step [Bokardo – Jan 16, 2012] – There are two things that every designed screen must do well: describe the current step and describe the next step. It’s as simple and hard as that.
  • The Design Studio Method, Todd Zaki Warfel [Vimeo – 2013] – The Design Studio method has become one of the most success methods in Agile and Lean UX. This rapid, iterative approach blends concept creation with critique. Design Studio is a great way to jumpstart your design process, create 300-400 design concepts in just a couple of hours, or get team buy-in and ownership. You’ll learn the process mechanics along with tips and tricks from experienced practitioners – everything you’ll need to try this on your own project.
  • How Cards Are Quietly Transforming The Web [TechCrunch – Feb 27, 2015] – Cards, a technology that collapses online content into digital containers for fast and easy consumption, was born out of this shift and has begun a transformation across the web that will be crowning new winners and losers throughout 2015.