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Links for 2012-04-17

  • In Silicon Valley, Designers Emerge As Rock Stars [Business Insider – Apr 13, 2012] – The new breed of “user experience” designers – part sketch artist, part programmer, with a dash of behavioral scientist thrown in – are some of the most sought-after employees in technology.
  • More potent experiences come from ‘reductive’ design [Cisco Web Experience – Feb 19, 2012] – Sometimes, to create a high-quality experience, a product just needs some time to simmer.

    Soups, sauces, and consommé are the result of boiling down to an intensely flavorful product and technology can benefit from a similar process of distillation.

    The reductive process in cooking derives a more concentrated mixture with less volume than before the boiling but with a much greater quality. With frequent stirring, the impurities are brought to the surface and removed, leaving a more concentrated, and potent, product.