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Links for 2011-03-01

  • Interaction ’11 Conference Keynotes [IxDA – Feb 2011] – Keynote videos from the Interaction ’11 conference in Boulder, CO.
  • The Corporate Pursuit of Happiness [Fast Company – Feb 28, 2011] – Offering a happiness class to future masters of the universe at one of the country’s leading business schools does sound a bit touchy-feely. Yet, last fall, 80 of these type-A students signed up for Aaker’s graduate-level course called “Designing Happiness” — with another 100 clamoring to get in. But Aaker’s work is gaining attention not just in academia but also in corporate America: She has worked with AOL, Adobe, and Facebook, among other companies, helping them figure out how to use happiness to increase employees’ productivity and woo customers. If her hypotheses are correct, marketing happiness could be one of the few ways businesses can still appeal to people in a manner that feels authentic.
  • Study Finds the Internet Makes Youth More Engaged Citizens [ReadWriteWeb – Feb 24, 2011] – Arguably, the upheaval, activism, and revolutions in of the last two months may serve to counter what has been a longstanding stereotype: youth are largely apolitical. Moreover, those that do participate in politics and activism online do so in shallow ways, the so-called “slacktivism.” But recent findings from a longitudinal study of high school age students challenge these notions, suggesting that youth who pursue their Interests online are more likely to be engaged in civic issues.