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Links for 2011-02-03

  • UX Ideas in the Cards [UX Magazine – Feb 03, 2011] – Like many practitioners, my day-to-day to work involves facing situations in which I am unsure of what to do next. Clients and teams look to me for solutions, ideas, and methods that can help create great ideas and experiences. Every now and then I, like anyone else, struggle to remain fresh and creative. When I catch myself falling into a rut or back to approaches that I’m comfortable with, I try to challenge myself to do something different. As a good friend of mine says, “If you’re stuck, try to figure out how to get unstuck.” Often I return to my library of UX books and tools, but in particular, I like to return to my collection of UX card sets.
  • The Art and Science of ‘Stratecution’ [TalentZoo – Feb 01, 2011] – The truth is that strategy and execution need to go hand-in-hand. You need the insight-driven, business-focused, brand-inspired thinking of top-down strategy. You also must work bottom-up, recognizing the everyday realities and real-world complexities you’ll face, while also being nimble, improvisatory, and open to evolution along the way. It’s equal parts strategy and execution, or what I call “stratecution.”;
  • What You Really Get From a Heuristic Evaluation [UX Magazine – Feb 19, 2010] – When applying what I call “checklist usability” in a heuristic evaluation to learn what the flaws and frustrations of a design might be, the outcome is a determination of whether the UI complies with the heuristics. It is an inspection, not an evaluation. It is not about the user experience. It’s not even about task performance, which is what the underlying question was in the team’s conflict: Will users do better with this flow versus that flow? If we interrupt them, will they still complete a purchase? Any inspection method that claims to answer those kinds of questions is just guessing.