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Links for 2010-10-25

  • How Google tested Google Instant [CNET News – Oct 18, 2010] – This mission took on great importance as Google prepared to make perhaps the biggest change to its search experience it had ever contemplated: Google Instant. Google surveyed 160 people–divided equally between Googlers and the general public–as it developed “Google Psychic,” the internal code name for what would become Google Instant.
  • Usability Resources to Win Arguments [Webdesigner Depot – Oct 13, 2010] – So, what we’ve done for you today is compiled a list of some of the biggest, most compelling usability articles which address common issues. Hopefully this should help you during tough conversations about what does and doesn’t work on a a website.
  • Data Informed, Not Data Driven: The Subtext [Adaptive Path – Oct 05, 2010] – I want to introduce you to a UX Week talk called “Data Informed, Not Data Driven” by Adam Mosseri, Product Design Manager at Facebook. While his talk focused on the role of data in design and decision making, I was more intrigued by the sub-text of the story, which I’ve synthesized as: Innovation comes from creative cultures that value collaboration, informed risk-taking, transparency, and trust in one another to make decisions.