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Links for 2010-09-02

  • Five UX Research Pitfalls [UX Magazine – Sep 02, 2010] – In the last few years, more and more organizations have come to view UX design as a key contributor to successful products, connecting teams with end-users and guiding product innovation within the organization. Though it’s fantastic to see this transition happen, there are growing pains associated with becoming a user-driven organization. These are the pitfalls that I see organizations grappling with most often.
  • Recording emotions with the Emotiv headset [Make – Aug 30, 2010] – In this video, Robert Oschler, of Robots Rule, uses his Emorate software to demonstrate the power of “affective computing,” using computers to detect and react to human emotions. Here he uses various emotional responses to index, bookmark, and navigate a video using the Emotiv headset and Emorate.
  • Good Help is Hard to Find [A List Apart – Aug 17, 2010] – Effective help content is a greater challenge than we might assume. Developing a strategy means thinking beyond writing simple instructions to accomplish a task.