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Links for 2010-04-06

  • Designing with Lenses [UX Booth – Apr 06, 2010] – A design lens allows you to view the user experience through the eyes of a single design principle. Lenses were originally created for game design but are just as powerful for user experience design.
  • Data collection for usability research [Userfocus – May 05, 2008] – How should you go about collecting data in usability tests? This article examines the data collection process in usability studies and describes some popular data logging solutions. Since most of these tools are expensive, I show you how you can use Microsoft Excel with Visual Basic macros to collect the data.
  • Log usability tests like a pro [Userfocus – Apr 01, 2010] – Observing a usability test seems simple but it’s easy to lose focus during a session and record only the dramatic or obvious usability problems. As you watch the test, you should make minute-by-minute observations of the participant’s behaviour as single letter codes. Datalogging ensures you note all behaviours, not just the ones that stand out, and provides all you need to quickly create a list of usability issues you can pass to the design team
  • Best User Interface Design Resources: The Round-up [Dzine Blog – Mar 15, 2010] – When in reality you should do what works best for you and your users. Below you will find a variety of excellent User Interface resources that will allow you to access, redefine, and create a well designed User Interface. You should use these resources first as inspiration, and second as somewhat of a guide as to what your users may need when they come face to face with your UI.