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Links for 2010-01-15

  • How Do Users Really Feel About Your Design? [UXmatters – Sep 24, 2007] – The user experience field has been trying to move beyond mere usability and utility for years. So far, no one seems to have developed easy-to-implement, non-retrospective, valid, and reliable measures for gauging users’ emotional reactions to a system, application, or Web site. In this column, I’ll introduce you to a promising method that just might solve this problem. While this method has not yet been subjected to rigorous peer review or experimental testing, it offers an intriguing solution and is endlessly fascinating to me. And it just might prove to be the kind of powerful technique we’ve been looking for to illuminate users’ emotional reactions to our designs.
  • LukeW Ideation and Design [User Experience Diagrams – Feb 25, 2005] – A listing of user experience diagrams
  • Fantastic Information Architecture and Data Visualization Resources [Noupe – Jan 15, 2010] – Below are a collection of resources to get you going down the information architecture and data visualization path. Whether you just want to become more familiar with infographics and data visualizations for occasional use or are thinking of making it a career, the resources below will surely come in handy. There are also some beautiful examples and more roundups to see even more fantastic graphics.
  • Iconizer Catalogs Icons for Customization [Lifehacker – Jan 15, 2010] – At Iconizer you can not only browse through categories like icons for actions, communication, hardware & devices, and other types of customization but you can browse for icons by operating system. Love the way a certain icon is used on the Mac? Like the way Aero displays things on Vista and Windows 7? You can dip into the icon sets for each operating system and customize icons from it for personal use. Not only are stock icons included but each category has around a dozen additional icons sets independent of entries like Aero, Vista, or Tiger.
  • Cacoo – Create diagrams online Real time collaboration – Cacoo is a user friendly online drawing tool that allows you to create a variety of diagrams such as site maps, wire frames, UML and network charts.