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Links for 2009-12-24

  • Behavioral Targeting & Google Analytics: How To Create Personas [Search Engine Land – Dec 22, 2009] – This is a somewhat simplistic example, but it shows that it is possible to create personas using Google Analytics to understand how each targeted audience is behaving on your site. This shows us what we are succeeding or failing to provide to each kind of person on the website.
  • Journal of Information Architecture: Issue 2
  • EverydayLives: An iPhone app for ethnography [Core77 – Dec 22, 2009] – EverydayLives is a UK-based research agency that focuses their attention on ethnographic research. This week they released “a sophisticated research tool designed by ethnographic researchers for ethnographic researchers, field anthropologists, agency planners, marketers and research respondents” and it comes in the form of a convenient iPhone app. We think designers could benefit from this tool, as it would complement our research activities perfectly. And it reduces all that cumbersome equipment often required for in depth inquiry. Using this tool, you can capture video, photos, text and audio and then immediately share any outcomes with clients, colleagues or participants while in the field. We stumbled across a preview video that shows the app in action. And if you aren’t an iPhone user, word on the street is that a Blackberry version is in the works.
  • This week in search 12/18/09 [Official Google Blog – Dec 18, 2009] – Our own years of testing have conclusively shown that when speed of a feature or product improves, usage, quite simply, goes up.