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Links for 2009-03-12

  • Fluid Design Handbook [Fluid Project] – The Fluid Design Handbook is a how-to guide filled with user-centered design techniques you can use to learn from your users and design better user experiences. The handbook includes information on a variety of user-centered design practices, from performing user research and creating models (such as personas and scenarios to inform the design process) to performing user-experience walkthroughs and user testing of your website or application.
  • Open Source Design Pattern Library [Fluid Project]
  • Wall of Deliverables – Welcome to the, a companion site for the IA Summit Wall of Deliverables annual event and an ongoing repository of deliverables submitted from the community to share. Take a look around, be inspired, and let us know what else you’d like to see!
  • History and context of User Experience Design – Peter Merholz on The History and Evolution of User Experience Design (podcast).
  • Case Study: Gestural Entertainment Center for Canesta – In Fall 2008, Canesta approached Kicker Studio to create a demonstration of their latest camera technology for the Consumer Electronics Show 2009. The prototype was to be of an entertainment center controlled by gestures alone, and powered, of course, by a Canesta camera.
  • Clever Uses: Simple User-Interface Trick Makes Your Remotes Idiot Proof [Lifehacker – Mar 09, 2009] – Ever written out detailed schematics so visiting friends or family members could operate your home theater setup? It’s annoying, right? Web site Designing Interactions highlights an incredibly simple but surprisingly workable solution.