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Browser Wars – Firefox vs. Maxthon

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As a technofile I have the pleasure of using a pc at work and a Mac at home. As a result, I find that I am constantly using a variety of web browsers to see which one will make me a convert.

For the last year or two, the Mozilla Firefox browser has become a favorite of mine. Once I found tabbed browsing and pop-up blocker options embedded within the application, there was no turning back. Some of you might question why I am not using Apple’s Safari at home on my Mac, but I have been disappointed with the browser’s speed and its display of some websites. Firefox, on the other hand, seems much faster and is offered on multiple platforms, including pcs and Macs. There are a number of plugins available for Firefox, including a handy RSS reader called Sage.

My first criticism with Maxthon is that it is only offered for the Windows platform. I suppose this is understandable since it uses the Internet Explorer core. I guess that would be my second criticism – my impression of the IE core is that it causes any application using it to be slower than Firefox.

On the other hand, Maxthon has many included options that might make it superior to Firefox. For instance, an RSS reader is included as an option. Two features I plan to explore are the use of mouse gestures and bookmark groups.

At work, there are a few web applications I use (using Oracle’s run time Jinitiator) that work best using IE. In my brief tests, I have had minimal problems running these applications using the Maxthon browser.

It might be hard to sway me from Firefox, but for those of you who need to use IE, I would recommend Maxthon as an exemplary substitute.

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Jaimy on October 22, 2005 AT 05 pm

Maxthon and Firefox, two of the best browsers I’ve ever used. I have a G5 Mac running Mac OS 10.4 Tiger and I mainly use firefox on it since it runs good. Although on my Windows XP machine I am running Maxthon for its compatibility. I have both firefox and maxthon installed on this machine. I like both.

Rakesh Raina on January 9, 2006 AT 08 pm

I initially was using Mozilla, then switched to Firefox, lately to Maxthon. For me, Maxthon has been working amazingly. It has so many features, specifically blocking unwanted stuff. Of course, problem is that Maxthon is only for windows. It is more mouse-friendly than mozilla browsers. ‘No Trax’ is also great, but it’s not free 😉

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