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Google Plans to Double Gmail Storage Capacity…


Is this an April Fool’s Day joke? I doubt it since Google’s Gmail was announced a year ago on April Fool’s Day.

CNET reports that Google is doubling its offered email storage to 2 GB, with plans to continually add more storage. This really sets the bar high and challenges its competitors, yet Gmail isn’t even out of beta yet.

Before I saw the news, something seemed fishy to me when I looked at my own Gmail account. It was listing my total storage as 1.328 GB…

Google's Gmail expands to 2 GB

I suppose my 1.328 GB will eventually grow to 2 GB or more…

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Rob Fay on April 1, 2005 AT 02 pm

It’s now creeped up to 1.52 GB on my account…

Rob Fay on April 1, 2005 AT 09 pm

It’s now at 1.795 GB.

Rob Fay on April 2, 2005 AT 08 am

This morning I’m at 2.05 GB!!!

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