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Branding, Marketing, and Blogging

For the last few months I have been telling my wife how useful blogging can be from a professional point of view. You see, my wife runs a small business, her own psychotherapy practice. She primarily focuses on marriage and family therapy.

Last week she received an email from a Psychology Today listserv on the importance of blogging. The author provided some interesting statistics:

  • 87% of 12 to 17 year-olds are considered internet savvy
  • whereas 66% of the rest of us are considered internet savvy

Since part of my wife’s attention is focused on families with teenagers, it seems that she might be able to draw in more of these clients, or at least find alternative ways of providing counseling services to these clients.

With services such as Technorati and FeedBurner that, in part, track blogs and blog traffic, my wife might also brand her site and be seen as more of an “expert” in the field the more she decides to post her own thoughts and articles on the web.

I think she became a bit interested in the importance of blogging, but it was Psychology Today that influenced her, not me…

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