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Sweet Resume Tool

Emurse Logo

Alex is a busy man. His “day” job has kept him busy with Netcape beta and now he’s publicizing his resume tool called “Emurse.” I encourage you to check it out.

Here’s Alex’s press release regarding Emurse:

“’s mission is to improve your job hunt.

We believe that your job hunt is a continual process that starts with having an updated resume available at all times. Emurse allows you to easily create resumes and manage your existing ones. You can download them in any format instantly from anywhere in the world. Stay organized and save time by easily distributing your resumes directly from the site, keeping track of all their destinations and when they’ve arrived. When its time to update your resume, Emurse allows you to easily make a change to all of them simultaneously. We’ll even help you turn your resume into a web page so potential employers can always have access to your most recent copy.”

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