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The rage now is converting every MS Office application to the web (web 2.0) so you can access tools and files from anywhere, enabling better collaboration among team members. One suite of tools that comes to mind is Zoho, which includes most of the MS Office tools, but with less functionality.

This morning I read an article [hat tip to Nomad] about Gliffy, a web tool that looks to provide Visio-like functionality. I wonder if it can provide the mind-mapping functionality as well? The cool thing is that you can easily embed the results into any site.

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Jason on June 29, 2006 AT 01 pm

I stumbled across this yesterday as well. I’m not a huge fan of it, but like the idea of the collaboration of many in one place. It’s definitely a push into the space of socialization and helping to drive innovation down a faster road.

Rob Fay on June 29, 2006 AT 02 pm

I think it might shine if you think of using it for mind-mapping/brainstorming. For instance, within a meeting, one “note taker” could document what is being brainstormed on a white board. Then others could edit later or it could easily be dropped into a web page or document.

Of course you can do this in Visio as well, but this may lend itself to an easier collaboration process.

sean on June 29, 2006 AT 05 pm

The major down side to Visio (in my opinion) is that it is a Windows only app. There are similar apps for Mac and Linux, but few that work on all 3 platforms. The upside of Gliffy is that it allows a common interface on any platform. Oh and you can’t beat the price, especially as compared to the price of Visio.

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