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Alpha, Beta, Gamma…Love?

Many bloggers are familiar with Flickr, a fantastic photo sharing site. They and many web 2.0 companies use the “beta” label, seemingly to avoid responsibility if there are bugs or customer complaints. Beta is fine, in my opinion, if the service is limited to a specific customer base and if it is free, but once a customer has to pay, all bets are off.

As Flickr has matured, it changed its logo labeling from “beta” to the “gamma” level of maturity. Today I noticed that their logo no longer contains this cautionary label, but now reads “loves you,” as in “Flickr loves you.” See below.

Flickr Logo Beta

Flickr Logo Gamma

Flickr Logo

So, what does this have to say about the Flickr? What, no love at first site? Did you have to get customer commitment before you learned to love us?

In all seriousness, have you been involved with products that used the “beta” label? If so, what were the reasons?

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