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Well, I may have found a search tool that makes up for some of the limitations of my last post regarding Rollyo. It seems Chris Pirillo of G4TechTV’s Call for Help fame created, a search tool that allows for unique easy-to-remember urls along with capabilities for RSS search feeds. I look forward to the development of this tool. If I had two nickles to rub together, I’d even consider investing.

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Digital Media Review on October 12, 2005 AT 12 am

Hi Rob, would surely take any $$ you have to invest it. They need CAPEX badly, as they are currently “suffering” a bit of a traffic crunch thanks to their extraordinary launch success.

This could be the beginning of a new wave of improved comprehensive search-engines. Looking forward to it!

Juan Lopez-Valcarcel

Chris Pirillo on October 16, 2005 AT 01 am

Investing? 🙂

Rob Fay on October 21, 2005 AT 03 pm

If my wife and I were not expecting the birth of our twin girls in the immediate future, I’d certainly consider it!

Again, Kudos!

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