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You Can Roll a Rollyo to Your Pal


Rollyo Logo

Since I’m always on the prowl for all that is gadgety-cool as well as anything that may make my life easier, I came across a search tool with a twist…

Rollyo “is the fast, easy way to create personal search engines using only the sources you trust.” In other words, you add the Internet sites that you would like to search on. Therefore, you purposefully limit the universe of possible web sites to search – think of it as a filter to your Internet searching. In addition, you can create multiple search engines based on your interests. For instance, I may add trusted weather Internet sites for my “weather” search engine or add Internet sites devoted to Apple Computer for my “Mac” search engine. You can also share your search engines with others.

The site, although in beta, appears to have quite a following, or at least quite a number of endorsements – Hollywood celebrities like Debra Messing and Rosario Dawson, politicos like Arianna Huffington, to blogger celebrities like Heather B. Armstrong (“Dooce”) and Jason Kottke.

My only suggestion to the team would be to add an RSS feed based on your search engine criteria – that way you can easily see new search results without having to go to the site. I’ve just registered, so hopefully over the next few days I’ll be able to try it out. Go for it!

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Dan on September 29, 2005 AT 03 pm

I’d also like to see a unique URL for the search engines I create.

Rob Fay on September 29, 2005 AT 08 pm

Good point – something like to make it easy to remember or bookmark.

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