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Wiki Recommendations

I am looking to set up a wiki for my group at work. The idea is to share information regarding conferences, research, or anything else we’d like to share. We decided a wiki would be the best tool, but after a preliminary review of free products hosted by the wiki provider, there were not too many I’d consider intuitive. The two I’ve focused on are Jot and PBWiki. The big plus with Jot is that is uses a WYSIWYG editor and it has a number of template plugins available.

Can you make any recommendations for a free hosted Wiki with WYSIWYG editing features?

UPDATE: June 10, 2006

I’m not sure why I hadn’t thought of it since I already use WordPress for this site…I’ve been thinking of moving away from using a wiki and instead using a blog tool like WordPress. WordPress hosts blogs at so I can set up a blog that includes wiki-like functionality using editable pages. There’s also a WYSIWYG editor for those who would rather not dabble in XHTML.

In addition, WordPress offers much more for workgroup collaboration. For instance, it lets you feed XML into the sidebar, so colleagues can easily share articles bookmarked and saved in

The biggest issue is intellectual property issues along with security. Pages and posts can be password protected, but it would be much easier if only registered users of the site could read posts and pages. Unfortunately, it does not seem that WordPress offers this out-of-the-box functionality. I can only assume they will add this to their enterprise offferings.

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Jason on June 6, 2006 AT 08 am

Sad thing is, as long as you go for “FREE”, you will always have things that are not intuitive.

We use MediaWiki

Dorine Ruter on June 12, 2006 AT 05 am

Hi Rob,
Though I haven’t installed and tried this out, EduPress might be what you are looking for. It’s WordPress for educators, also free and open source. Even if you’re not an educator, features like:

“Option to make whole or parts of blog password-protected”

can be very useful.

I’d be interested to hear which tool you finally chose, how you introduced it to your group at work and what your experiences are.

Rob Fay on June 12, 2006 AT 10 am

Hi Dorine,

I stumbled across EduPress as well but was unsure how this variation of WordPress set itself apart from WordPress. If it does offer a way for content to remain hidden from the outside world in a universal fashion rather than page by page or post by post, then it might have some utility.

I’ll keep you posted…

Rob Fay on June 13, 2006 AT 01 pm

One of the problems with EduPress is that it is not a hosted solution. It’s simply a customized WordPress download that you install yourself.

On the other hand, Edublogs is a hosted solution, even bundling a wiki. I’ve taken a peek at it, but they do not offer the blog privacy options that EduPress offers.

It might just be easier to host a new installation of WordPress on this domain and include the plugins that would provide for the needed privacy.

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