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Desirability Heuristics

One of the criticisms of the UX field is that often the concern is to have a product that is usable, but is that all that is needed? Shouldn’t people have a pleasurable experience as well? I haven’t quite found a way to measure this within a usability test (other than through self-report). However, a recent proposed heuristic attempts to answer the question of how a product makes users feel by observing the emotional response of users during testing.

Although I am a firm believer in the power of nonverbal communication, I would have liked the authors to include more indicators of positive responses. This attempt, however, has inspired me to come up with my own heuristic for “desirability.” Right now I’m also beginning to look at the article referenced recently by Victor Lombardi. More to come…

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Victor Lombardi on February 5, 2008 AT 01 pm

There’s a good deal of work done in this field. A good place to start is