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Thanks, Chad


Chad Dickerson

Chad Dickerson, CTO at InfoWorld, announced yesterday that he will be leaving the company to join Yahoo! Research Berkeley. I’ve read his columns much like a moth is attracted to a flame. Fortunately, I have never gotten fried crispy in the process. One of my past criticisms of InfoWorld was that they tended to focus more on the “T” in IT. However, despite his position, Chad also focused on discussing issues surrounding information.

I thank Chad for his tenure at InfoWorld and wish him well at Yahoo! Keep your readership informed.

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Chad Dickerson on August 3, 2005 AT 10 pm

Hi Rob,

Glad you were never fried crispy — thanks for the compliments. Of course, with my new blog, there will be more where that came from. . . stay tuned!

Dave Cassidy on August 5, 2005 AT 09 pm

I agree, Rob, Chad’s columns have been excellent on a regular basis; I’ll miss his insights enormously, not to mention his eschewing the over-use of acronyms (unlike some InfoWorld columnists I could mention!).

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