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Memphis, Here I Come

IA Summit 2009 Logo

This Thursday marks the 10th annual IA Summit, held in Memphis, TN. Actually, it begins earlier, but the main conference begins on Thursday. My apologies to friends I will meet there. Being the avid college basketball fan that I am, I feel organizers made a royal blunder by scheduling the event on the 4 most sacred days in sports – rounds 1 and 2 of March Madness (college basketball tournament). So, I might be somewhat distracted.

With that said, I am really looking forward to my third trip to the Summit and anticipate learning new takeaways and meeting new friends. In a time where people question that value of the discipline, I feel the conference and its practitioners have much to say.

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Semantic Will on March 17, 2009 AT 04 am

🙂 the only people that question the value of the discipline – Jason and 37 Signals – are the one's whose products so desperately need the discipline IMHO.