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IA Summit Redux – DC Style

Is anyone going to the recap of the IA Summit 2007? Unfortunately, I will be unable to but I’d highly recommend going. Here’s the announcement:

If you missed the IA Summit in Vegas this year, fear not! DCIA will be holding a redux on Saturday, May 12 at 9am. We have commitments from several speakers to recap their talks.


Where: BCC Services Center
When: Saturday, May 12, 9am – 1pm
What: Mini-sessions, panel discussions, five-minute madness, networking, and bagels — lots and lots of bagels.
How much: $5 to cover the cost of food and venue

SpeakerDetailPresentation File
Celeste Lyn Paul on card-sortingdescriptionPDF (519 KB)
Hallie Wilfert on her grandmother as IAdescriptionPPT (10.8 MB)
Stacy Surla on Second LifedescriptionPPT (6 MB)
Thom Haller on clear and useful contentdescriptionPPT (8.5 MB)
Dan Brown on IA documentationdescriptionPPT (3.5 MB)
Austin Govella on IA’s impact on businessdescriptionPPT (1.3 MB)
Lorelei Brown on lessons from failuresdescriptionSlideShare (online)

We’ll be breaking into small groups to talk about several of the themes that emerged during the Summit, including: documentation for rich internet applications, management issues, and design processes.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: If you attended the Summit and would like to talk about your experience or lead a small group discussion, please drop me [Dan Brown] a line at

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