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A New Day, A New Job



Today I started a new job as an Information Architect at K12, Inc. My philosophy has always been that job satisfaction is based on the following formula: 50% the people you work with and 50% the actual work you do. I really enjoyed the people I worked with while contracting with the NIH, but after completing a graduate degree in Information Management, I wanted to move in a direction that was more in line with my interests. I’m also amazed that my degree in education will prove useful.

Some crazy developments occurred over the last few weeks – the realization that the new commute will be horrendous, along with a very generous counter-offer to stay. However, in the end I think this was the right decision. Just don’t ask about the commute (just kidding)!

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Brandon Satrom on March 14, 2006 AT 10 am

Congrats Rob! I hope that it is everything you hope it will be and more!

vanderwal on March 16, 2006 AT 04 pm

Rob, Congrats! I think you will like the free world.

Nomad on March 23, 2006 AT 05 pm

How was the first week?

Rob Fay on April 3, 2006 AT 05 am

First week, and second, and third have all been good. It’s great to actually start pursuing my interests, and it feels good to contribute to a product that seems to have real meaning.

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