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What I Learned at Usability Conferences 2007


Yesterday, the local UPA DC chapter hosted,”What I Learned at the Usability Conferences – 2007.” I was part of a panel that represented the following conferences: Information Architecture (IA) Summit March 22-26, 2007, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Computer-Human Interaction (CHI) Conference May 2007, San... Read more

UMCP HCIL Symposium


The University of Maryland Human-Computer Interaction Lab is hosting a symposium on May 31 and June 1. Check out the event! Tags: [UMCP, HCI, Partial Recall, ontology, folksonomy, social networks, Jenny Preece, Read more

Using a Screen Reader


If you’ve never used a screen reader or seen one in action, the Yahoo! User Interface folks posted this worthwhile video for you to check out… Yahoo!’s Victor Tsaran is both an engineer and a blind computer-user whose interactions with his desktop applications and with the web are mediated... Read more

IA Summit Redux – DC Style


Is anyone going to the recap of the IA Summit 2007? Unfortunately, I will be unable to but I’d highly recommend going. Here’s the announcement: If you missed the IA Summit in Vegas this year, fear not! DCIA will be holding a redux on Saturday, May 12 at 9am.... Read more

Creating the Adaptive Interface


Stephen Anderson offered an inspiring presentation from the IA Summit. [Runtime: 136 slides | Please make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash installed on your computer to watch this slideshow. To download it, please visit: ] Tags: [adaptive, adaptive interface, interaction design, information architecture, IA... Read more

IA Summit 2007 Roundup and UPA Resume Workshop


If you live in the DC area, there’s a good local event you might want to check out tomorrow: Wondering where to get your coffee, bagel, and IA conversation tomorrow? Join us in Bethesda at 10:00 am for a resume panel discussion and workshop. Bring your resume for one-on-one... Read more

IA Summit 2007 Redux: Rashmi Sinha


A closing plenary from Rashmi Sinha. Rashmi is the creator of SlideShare. [Runtime: 49 slides | Please make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash installed on your computer to watch this slideshow. To download it, please visit: ] Tags: [Rashmi Sinha, SlideShare, User Experience, PowerPoint,... Read more

IA Summit 2007 Redux: Joshua Prince-Ramus


It’s been over a month since the IA Summit, and I’m only now getting a chance to write about the experience. I took notes from many of the sessions I attended, but I’ll try to link to available videos or slides when possible. An opening keynote: Joshua Prince-Ramus. I... Read more

Vegas Bound


I’ll be attending this year’s IA Summit in Las Vegas from March 24-26. If any readers are attending, please let me know so we can meet face to face…and if you do not know what I look like, feel free to catch some personal photos here. And if anyone... Read more

iTunes is the Trojan Horse


I am a Mac addict. There, I admit it. I’m also a technology nut. I love gadgets – anything with bells and whistles. I’m also interested in anything that can potentially enable me to be more productive and organized. The recent announcement of the iPhone brought out the same... Read more

Change Your Bookmark


Today I made the switch to a new feed link, powered by FeedBurner. I do not initially plan to redirect old feed links, but please update your subscription to this site by adding the following URL to your feed reader: Thanks. Read more

Storyboard Templates – Customer Service Style


A new storyboard template was released by Martin Hardee last week. This templates focuses on phone conversations. Click the image below to access the file. Conversation Mary/Pravin/Galina Tags: [Martin Hardee, Sun Microsystems, design, comics, design comics, storyboard, HCI, usability, task analysis, information architecture, Partial Recall] Read more

Partial Recall Goes Mobile


I’ve installed two WordPress plugins developed by Alex King. The first is the “Share This” plugin, which allows readers to save one of my posts to a social bookmarking site or to send a post link via email. This functionality is visible at the end of each blog post.... Read more

Storyboard Templates


In a recent post I prematurely touted a template that could be used to storyboard user experiences using a computer-based product. Martin Hardee had provided slides depicting a specific scenario. However, I am pleased to pass along news that Martin has graciously offered 3 templates that user experience professionals... Read more

PureEdge on the Mac

11.28.2006. has announced the release of the IBM Workplace Forms Viewer (formerly called PureEdge) for Macintosh computers. The software does NOT work on the new Intel Macs. A new version of the software should be released in a month that will work with the new Macs. This software allows... Read more

Design Comics


Other than Calvin and Hobbes, I’m not much of a comic guy. There’s been a number of contributors in the web design arena who have advocated using comics to communicate a user’s experience interacting with an information system (web or client). Typically, I think of the folks over at... Read more

The Social Life of Visualizations


I thought I’d pass this along since it may be of interest to you… HCIL Seminar Series Presents: Speaker: Martin Wattenberg, IBM Research, Where: 3258 AV Williams Bldg, University of Maryland , College Park When: Tuesday November 7th, 12:30pm Talk: The Social Life of Visualizations Abstract: Visualization is... Read more

Post a Slideshow on Your Site – Part III


Well, it’s now available and I’m very excited! Think of the possibilities. For teachers. For sharing knowledge in an organization. For sharing knowledge with the world. Sign up now and get started. Related Posts Post a Slideshow on Your Site – Part II Post a Slideshow on Your Site... Read more

Super Smart Whiteboard Application


I had a very unique yet welcome happening the other day. My namesake, “Rob Fay” – a 16 year old living in Nottingham, England, decided to contact me. I had “Googled” my own name before to see if there were other “Rob Fays,” but I never decided to track... Read more