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Armchair Reconnaissance


One of my interests is information culture - are people generally willing or unwilling to share information? In a corporate or military setting, reasons for hoarding information might be perfectly justified. Corporations do not want to make public information that might be used by competitors. The... Read more

Branding, Marketing, and Blogging


For the last few months I have been telling my wife how useful blogging can be from a professional point of view. You see, my wife runs a small business, her own psychotherapy practice. She primarily focuses on marriage and family therapy.

Last week she... Read more

The Collaborative Filter


What is the benefit of folksonomy? I believe there are two important elements to this relatively new phenomenon:

  1. The "social" aspect of collaborative tagging allows users to find other users with potentially similar interests. On the surface, for example, this may seem no different than finding like-minded... Read more

Rating Taggers – “Thumbing”


The tagging phenomenon that exists for purveyors of information has many promising advantages for people. Unfortunately, by handing the power of creating personal taxonomies and classification to the end user, will we be better off?

Certainly one of the beautiful things about tagging is that it... Read more

The Free Email Service Wars


IDG News Service reports that Yahoo! will expand its free email service storage to 1 GB per customer, exceeding Microsoft's Hotmail and matching Google's Gmail service.

I've used Yahoo's service for many years now. My initial decision was done partially to spite Microsoft's Hotmail service (I am... Read more