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HCIL Symposium: Day 2


Workshop: Humans and the Semantic Web Session 1: Ontology Visualization Tools Olivier Bodenreider, National Library of Medicine: Visualization Tools for the Unified Medical Language System (SemNav), the Gene Ontology (GenNav)and RxNorm UMLS – used my NLM (using MESH data), to visualize semantic relationships Catherine Plaisant, HCIL, University of Maryland:... Read more

HCIL Symposium: Day 1


Note: Due to the large amount of content, I will be updating this a bit more to fill in the blanks of the later sessions of the day. Check back for more info. Welcome Jenny Preece opened the symposium discusssing the College of Information Science and its collaboration with... Read more

UMCP HCIL Symposium


The University of Maryland Human-Computer Interaction Lab is hosting a symposium on June 1 and 2. Day 1 is the actual symposium, with a keynote given by Ben Shneiderman. In addition, Jenny Preece is one of two people giving the welcome. Jenny is the Dean of the College of... Read more

IA Summit Redux: DC-Style


On Saturday May 20, the local chapter of DC information architects got together to recap topics that were addressed and discussed at the 2006 IA Summit. This was a long time coming for me. I’ve been meaning to attend these local meetings, but life has, of course, gotten in... Read more

Comment Spam


Well, I've caved and have to turn off comments for a bit. For the last month or so, I've been getting slammed with comment and trackback spam - so much so that it takes me about an hour each day to stay on top of it.

I will turn... Read more

Which Stakeholder is Greater?


I understand that one of the big reasons went with its current solution was so that people could fill out forms offline. However, I wonder which stakeholder is more affected - the person who cannot have constant Internet access or the person who has a Mac (or another... Read more

Selling Usability to the BigWigs


It seems that for the last few years I have been involved with usability testing in some shape or form, although I suppose it could be debated if there were any "usability tests" at all. These "tests" were more heuristic, always informal in nature and continue to this... Read more



CoverFlow is an innovative software program available for Apple computer owners (Tiger only). This is a great program for those who are visually-oriented. CoverFlow visually displays your music collection by cataloging the MP3 tags and then pulling cover art from a variety of sources such as... Read more

More Mac Incompatibility with


Back in April I discussed how the federal government is discriminating against Macintosh users with regard to e-gov business transactions with the grantee community. I still cannot believe that OMB chose a solution that disregards a significant segment of its community. ... Read more