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PureEdge on the Mac has announced the release of the IBM Workplace Forms Viewer (formerly called PureEdge) for Macintosh computers. The software does NOT work on the new Intel Macs. A new version of the software should be released in a month that will work with the new Macs.

This software allows Mac users to download, view and complete PureEdge application packages for submission of proposals via to federal agencies.

How is it working for you?

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Chuck Wack on July 11, 2007 AT 05 pm

Frankly… it sucks. The Army uses Pure Edge for all of its evaluation forms (in some instances requires it). I can take forms filled out in the Mac version over to a PC and viola! ALL of the fields are Blank! Take it back to the Mac and everything is fine. There is no option for copy and pasting. Digital signatures do not work and there is no way to print the document. What a mess.