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Partial Recall: Reloaded

Seven months is too long to go between posts. A lot has happened over the last seven months. As a UX Architect with Blackboard Inc., I am really fortunate to have a job I enjoy. But work life and home life has been pretty demanding, leaving little time to participate in knowledge sharing activities. I find that much of my blogging and “knowledge sharing” energy is focused on writing on our team’s internal blog. And I do see a pattern: the more I tweet, the less I blog. Well, I’d like that to change.

I’ve updated to the newest version of WordPress and am very happy with the results. I even installed a nice little plugin that will render my site in an iPhone-friendly manner. So, with a fresh install, I hope to slowly give the site a well-deserved facelift in the coming months. But my New Year’s resolution is to add more content in 2009.

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