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A Vision of Ubiquitous Computing


I know I am an Apple fanboy (still holding out for the 3G iPhone), but I was inspired by the vision put forth by Abilene Christian University. Here’s a portion of their vision:

“In the spring of 2007, a group of educators, technologists, and administrators at ACU crystallized these ongoing discussions, producing a case for a new emphasis on mobile learning based on ubiquitous information access through powerful, portable, converged devices. Made possible by the broad capabilities offered by a new generation of these devices, we see the future of the university coalescing around the new opportunities that mLearning is bringing…”

The University is in the process of testing the iPhone to determine if the device helps students gain knowledge and get the most from their collegiate education.

As part of this vision, the University posted “Connected: The Movie”, which portrays the following:

“What might a university look like with a fully deployed program of converged devices like the iPhone? Connected is one possible vision. This fictional day-in-the-life account highlights some of the potential benefits in a higher education setting when every student, faculty, and staff member is “connected.” Though the applications and functions portrayed in the film are purely speculative, they’re based on needs and ideas uncovered by our research – and we’ve already been making strides to transform this vision of mobile learning (mLearning) into reality.”

Frankly, the possibilities put forth by this video make me want to go back to school! This vision also seems more readily achievable than Apple’s famous Knowledge Navigator concept video from 1988.

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