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Exploring Design Alternatives


Jared Spool (Twitter: @jmspool) of UIE and Robert Hoekman (Twitter: @rhjr) of Miskeeto started a podcast to talk about all things user experience. It’s called “Userability.” The premise of the podcast is that Jared and Robert will take a call from a listener and answer the caller’s question. I... Read more

Links for 2009-03-09


Quince – A UX patterns explorer Extracting Usability Information from User Interface Events [ACM Computing Surveys – Dec, 2000] (PDF) – This survey examines computer-aided techniques used by HCI practitioners and researchers to extract usability-related information from user interface events. A framework is presented to help HCI practitioners and... Read more

Links for 2009-03-05


A Pattern Language (HTML Summary) [Christopher Alexander via] – HTML summary of “A Pattern Language” book by Christopher Alexander, Sara Ishikawa, Murray Silverstein, with Max Jacobson, Ingrid Fiksdahl-King and Shlomo Angel. Searching through NY Times Articles via Elastic Lists [Information Aesthetics – Mar 03, 2009] – The “Elastic... Read more

Links for 2009-02-26


OmniWeb, OmniDazzle, OmniDiskSweeper, and OmniObjectMeter now freeware [The Omni Mouth – Feb 25, 2009] – OmniWeb, OmniDazzle, OmniDiskSweeper, and OmniObjectMeter are now available as freeware. That”s right: they’re free. You can go download them right now if you want. FOR FREE. Put Safari 4 Beta’s Tabs Back [Safari] –... Read more

Links for 2009-02-24


New Safari 4 Beta – New Safari 4 beta, available for both Mac and Windows. Browser tabs are a new style, now on top of the window. The history window now offers a Cover Flow view. And there’s a new feature, Top Sites, that gives you a visually impressive... Read more

Links for 2009-02-20


CSS Animation [Surfin’ Safari – Feb 04, 2009] – WebKit now supports explicit animations in CSS. As a counterpart to transitions, animations provide a way to declare repeating animated effects, with keyframes, completely in CSS. 10 Beautiful and free fonts for web designers – Are you looking for new... Read more

Links for 2009-02-17


five second test – A simple online usability test – The five second test is a simple usability test that helps you measure the effectiveness of your user interfaces. NYPL Labs Infomaki: A lightweight usability testing service – The New York Public Library Labs has begun testing a light... Read more

Matthew Carter Presentation


Graphic designers: get your tickets now for next Monday’s 7 p.m. Corcoran lecture with type designer Matthew Carter. In addition to designing the ubiquitous Verdana and Georgia, Carter has also created original typefaces for the NYT, the WaPo, Sports Illustrated and National Geographic, and in this lecture, he will... Read more

Links for 2009-02-16


Foxmarks Updates, Adds Suggested Tags [Downloads] Useful Ajax Auto Suggest scripts collection – This post is a collection of some interesting and useful Ajax Auto Suggest scripts ready to use (from beginner or professional web developers) in your web projects. This collection includes standard auto suggest scripts, del.icious tag... Read more

Phoenix Rising


In January all of my sites got obliterated. I used HostMDS as my webhost because they were inexpensive, but my shoestring approach to site management bit me in the end. The server that my sites were hosted on went down. Although other accounts on the server were recovered, sadly,... Read more

Links for 2009-02-13


Future Practice Interview: Bill Scott [Rosenfeld Media – Feb 12, 2009] – Lou Rosenfeld asks Bill Scott about the disconnects between design and engineering. User Type Views & Annotations with Polypage – Polypage allows people reviewing the wireframe to read the annotations quicker as opposed to having to translate... Read more

Links for 2009-01-20


User Experience (UX) [Business Exchange] – User Experience (UX) is part of Business Exchange…Read updated news, blogs, and resources about User Experience (UX). Find user-submitted articles and comments on User Experience (UX) from like-minded professionals. userfly – Run instant usability studies for your website using your real users. You... Read more

Links for 2009-01-17


Twitter-Yahoo Mashup Yields Impressive News Search Engine Designing Web Interfaces Book Site and Flickr Companion Site Live – I am happy to announce that the two companion sites to my book are now live. Cisco brings conferencing to the iPhone – Sounds impressive. Cisco just brought its Business Collaboration... Read more

Links for 2009-01-15


TiVo: TiVo Search is The Future of TiVo [Gizmodo – Jan 07, 2009] – The redesigned TiVo Search does away with the Swivel Search and now makes show searching more efficient and HD friendly. Wireframes Magazine – Do you have something to show off while documenting rich interaction, dynamic... Read more

Links for 2009-01-12


CSSiPhone – Screens for all your iPhone needs. This site displays sites that render beautifully on the iPhone. Interaction Design Association on Vimeo – Video from IXDA meetings in NYC. Google Quick Search Box for Mac [Google Code] – Google Quick Search Box is an open source search box... Read more

Links for 2009-01-09


Dynamic Speedometer [HCI at Stanford University – 2005] – We apply HCI design principles to redesign the dashboard of the automobile to address the problem of speeding. We prototyped and evaluated a new speedometer designed with the explicit intention of changing drivers’ speeding behavior. Our user-tests show that displaying... Read more

Links for 2009-01-08


Simple questions to ask when planning a contribution-based project [the explicit – Jan 05, 2009] What I did last month [Ze Frank – Jul 01, 2008] – Ze asked people on twitter whether they would allow him to take over their Facebook accounts for a week. He selected two... Read more

Links for 2008-12-24


5 Best Data Visualization Projects of the Year [FlowingData – Dec 19, 2008] – FlowingData’s picks for the top 5 data visualization projects of 2008. Visualizations were judged based on the use of data, aesthetics, overall effect on the visualization arena, and how well they told a story. Wordle... Read more

Progress Indicators


Google’s second principle for UX states: Every millisecond counts. Nothing is more valuable than people’s time. Google pages load quickly, thanks to slim code and carefully selected image files. The most essential features and text are placed in the easiest-to-find locations. Unnecessary clicks, typing, steps, and other actions are... Read more