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Links for 2009-01-20

User Experience (UX) [Business Exchange] – User Experience (UX) is part of Business Exchange…Read updated news, blogs, and resources about User Experience (UX). Find user-submitted articles and comments on User Experience (UX) from like-minded professionals. userfly – Run instant usability studies for your website using your real users. You... Read more

Links for 2009-01-17

Twitter-Yahoo Mashup Yields Impressive News Search Engine Designing Web Interfaces Book Site and Flickr Companion Site Live – I am happy to announce that the two companion sites to my book are now live. Cisco brings conferencing to the iPhone – Sounds impressive. Cisco just brought its Business Collaboration... Read more

Links for 2009-01-15

TiVo: TiVo Search is The Future of TiVo [Gizmodo – Jan 07, 2009] – The redesigned TiVo Search does away with the Swivel Search and now makes show searching more efficient and HD friendly. Wireframes Magazine – Do you have something to show off while documenting rich interaction, dynamic... Read more

Links for 2009-01-12

CSSiPhone – Screens for all your iPhone needs. This site displays sites that render beautifully on the iPhone. Interaction Design Association on Vimeo – Video from IXDA meetings in NYC. Google Quick Search Box for Mac [Google Code] – Google Quick Search Box is an open source search box... Read more

Links for 2009-01-09

Dynamic Speedometer [HCI at Stanford University – 2005] – We apply HCI design principles to redesign the dashboard of the automobile to address the problem of speeding. We prototyped and evaluated a new speedometer designed with the explicit intention of changing drivers’ speeding behavior. Our user-tests show that displaying... Read more

Links for 2009-01-08

Simple questions to ask when planning a contribution-based project [the explicit – Jan 05, 2009] What I did last month [Ze Frank – Jul 01, 2008] – Ze asked people on twitter whether they would allow him to take over their Facebook accounts for a week. He selected two... Read more

Links for 2008-12-24

5 Best Data Visualization Projects of the Year [FlowingData – Dec 19, 2008] – FlowingData’s picks for the top 5 data visualization projects of 2008. Visualizations were judged based on the use of data, aesthetics, overall effect on the visualization arena, and how well they told a story. Wordle... Read more