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Links for 2009-11-03

Google Wave in Confluence wiki pages [ffeathers – Nov 01, 2009] – Confluence macro that lets you embed a Google Wave into a Confluence wiki page. Adobe Shortcut App Makes Finding Hotkeys Easier [Lifehacker – Aug 18, 2009] – The free Adobe Shortcut App gives fast access to look... Read more

Links for 2009-10-21

Q&A site for user experience professionals [UX Exchange] – UX Exchange is a User Experience (UX) Q & A site. You can register if you want to collect reputation points and win valuable flair that will appear next to your name, but otherwise, it’s just free to post and... Read more

Links for 2009-10-16

A new home for accessibility at Google Mental Note Cards – Stephen Anderson How to Understand Your Users with Personas [Carsonified – Oct 14, 2009] – Personas are a powerful tool for helping you to better understand the needs of your users. In this comic, drawn exclusively for Think... Read more

Links for 2009-10-12

The myth of the page fold: evidence from user testing [cxpartners – Sep 18, 2009] – Over the last 6 years we’ve watched over 800 user testing sessions between us and on only 3 occasions have we seen the page fold as a barrier to users getting to the... Read more

Links for 2009-10-05

On the Internet, Everyone’s a Critic But They’re Not Very Critical [Wall Street Journal – Oct 05, 2009] – Many companies have noticed serious grade inflation. Google Inc.'s YouTube says the videos on its site average 4.6 stars, because viewers use five-star ratings to "give props" to video makers.... Read more

Links for 2009-09-22

Now you’ll have no excuse to forget the milk [Examiner – Mar 31, 2009] – The Concierge experience begins when a shopper makes their list on their home computer linked to the supermarket’s Web site. When the shopper arrives at the store, they begin pushing the cart down the... Read more

Links for 2009-09-15

An Interview With Edward Tufte [VizWorld – Sep 10, 2009] – Tufte, or ET as he prefers it, possesses an invaluable combination of talents that he draws from and to our collective benefit as visualization workers: an eye for art, thorough knowledge of content, design prowess, discipline, a desire... Read more

Links for 2009-09-03

50 Most Usable RIAs [InsideRIA – Sep 02, 2009] – Bill Scott and I have reviewed hundreds of RIAs while compiling examples for our book Designing Web Interfaces: Principles and Patterns for Rich Interactions, and subsequent talks and articles. We recently realized that we had amassed quite a list... Read more

Links for 2009-09-02

Browser Look and Feel (BLAF) Guidelines [Oracle – 2004] – The BLAF Guidelines are a set of specifications regarding common UI components, templates, flows, and general heuristics. These specifications should be used to develop html-based Oracle products to provide a consistent user experience regarding look and feel of applications,... Read more

Links for 2009-08-14

User Stories: a strategic design tool [Johnny Holland – Aug 13, 2009] – This article focuses on the first step in the journey towards collaboratively developing a User Experience Strategy and is concerned specifically with how user stories are generated, themed and prioritized. The Information Architecture of Social Experience... Read more

Links for 2009-08-07

TwitterKeys: Enhance your Twitter conversations [The Next Web – Sep 16, 2008] – TwitterKeys is a small tool developed here at The Next Web Blog which provides you with a floating window with all these funny symbols you can use in Twitter. 20 tips for writing for the web... Read more

Links for 2009-08-04

Creating Usable Links and Buttons [UX Booth – Dec 02, 2008] – Why do users sometimes expect buttons and at other times expect links? What should we do to further differentiate these interface elements and make them unambiguous? The Over-the-Phone Test User Experience Tweeps [Done Bright – Jul 31,... Read more

Links for 2009-07-30

Drag and drop files from your desktop to your browser [SwellJS – Jul 28, 2009] – The mechanism behind is quite simple: the Ajax library, the DOM element wrapper and the Asset component are assuring most of the work (handling the upload and the callback process), the DDM detects... Read more

Links for 2009-07-29

You Can’t Innovate Like Apple [Pragmatic Marketing – 2008] – When what you teach and develop every day has the title “Innovation” attached to it, you reach a point where you tire of hearing about Apple. Without question, nearly everyone believes the equation Apple = Innovation is a fundamental... Read more

Links for 2009-07-28


Links for 2009-07-01

Sketchnotes from the UIE Roadshow [Intridea Company Blog – Jul 01, 2009] – …User Interface Engineering Roadshow in Washington, DC. The day was chock-full of insight and wisdom from usability guru Jared Spool, founder of In taking notes during the workshop, (Dave Potsiadlo) decided to take his first... Read more

Links for 2009-06-16

PHOTO: LessEverything’s UI Test Results #3: Flipping Perhaps this validates Apple’s UI guideline of placing the primary action button on right. HTML 5: Could it kill Flash and Silverlight? [InfoWorld – Jun 16, 2009] – HTML 5, a groundbreaking upgrade to the prominent Web presentation specification, could become a... Read more

Links for 2009-06-05

Windows User Experience Design Principles [Microsoft Developer Network] – The Importance of Analytics in User Experience UX specialists have got to get a whole lot better at analytics. Why not get started by reading this presentation by Louis Rosenfeld? American Airlines Web Site: The Product of a Self-Defeating Design... Read more

Links for 2009-06-08

Guesses vs. Data as Basis for Design Recommendations [Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox – Jun 09, 2009] – Even the tiniest amount of empirical facts (say, observing 2 users) vastly improves the probability of making correct UI design decisions. Visual thinking school [Dave Gray, Squidoo] – Visual thinking is a broad... Read more