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Apple Home Page Search


This morning I went to the Apple home page to find one of their commercials. I went to search and noticed that the behavior mimicked Apple’s own operating system and the “suggest” features available in browser search boxes. What I liked is that it not only offered suggested terms... Read more

Edward Tufte iPhone Critique


Edward Tufte offers a critique of the iPhone’s interface design (includes video). Tags: [Edward Tufte, Tufte, iPhone, Partial Recall, Apple, interface design, GUI, interaction design, HCI] Read more

Apple Ad Blurs Old and New Media


An inspiring ad in today’s New York Times. Click play and see how the lines between old media (NYTimes ‘paper’ style view of front page) and new mix together beautifully. In case the ad moves, I tried to do a screen capture of it, but the voice is lost.... Read more

iTunes is the Trojan Horse


I am a Mac addict. There, I admit it. I’m also a technology nut. I love gadgets – anything with bells and whistles. I’m also interested in anything that can potentially enable me to be more productive and organized. The recent announcement of the iPhone brought out the same... Read more

More Mac Incompatibility with


Back in April I discussed how the federal government is discriminating against Macintosh users with regard to e-gov business transactions with the grantee community. I still cannot believe that OMB chose a solution that disregards a significant segment of its community. ... Read more