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Apple Ad Blurs Old and New Media


An inspiring ad in today’s New York Times. Click play and see how the lines between old media (NYTimes ‘paper’ style view of front page) and new mix together beautifully. In case the ad moves, I tried to do a screen capture of it, but the voice is lost.... Read more

Alpha, Beta, Gamma…Love?


Many bloggers are familiar with Flickr, a fantastic photo sharing site. They and many web 2.0 companies use the “beta” label, seemingly to avoid responsibility if there are bugs or customer complaints. Beta is fine, in my opinion, if the service is limited to a specific customer base and... Read more

IA Summit 2007 Redux: Rashmi Sinha


A closing plenary from Rashmi Sinha. Rashmi is the creator of SlideShare. [Runtime: 49 slides | Please make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash installed on your computer to watch this slideshow. To download it, please visit: ] Tags: [Rashmi Sinha, SlideShare, User Experience, PowerPoint,... Read more

Post a Slideshow on Your Site – Part III


Well, it’s now available and I’m very excited! Think of the possibilities. For teachers. For sharing knowledge in an organization. For sharing knowledge with the world. Sign up now and get started. Related Posts Post a Slideshow on Your Site – Part II Post a Slideshow on Your Site... Read more

Post a Slideshow on Your Site – Part II


…or, you could simply use SlideShare, once the kind folks open up the beta to everyone. Below is an example using the venerable Lou Rosenfeld’s recently posted “Enterprise Information Architecture” slides. Tags: [PowerPoint, slides, Slideshare, Lou Rosenfeld, Information Architecture, Enterprise Information Architecture] Read more

Post a Slideshow on Your Site – Part I


I stumbled across this post which describes how you can embed slides into your website. If you use either a free Flickr account (or Google’s Picasa), you can export your Powerpoint slides as image files, upload them to your photo site, and then insert a bit of code to... Read more

UX in DC Week


I know, I know. I’m late to the game. I was not able to attend Adaptive Path’s UX week in DC last month. Fortunately, there’s a wiki containing great sessions notes. Tags: [wiki, Adaptive Path, ux, user experience, conference, usability, information architecture, interaction design] Read more

G.E. Brainstorms Too!


Now this free tool from G.E. might be a helpful tool to use during brainstorming meetings…folks can collaborate during the meeting and then be able to print out the results…[Hat Tip to Lifehacker] Tags: [General Electric, Imagination Cubed, mindmap, brainstorming] Read more

Online Visio


The rage now is converting every MS Office application to the web (web 2.0) so you can access tools and files from anywhere, enabling better collaboration among team members. One suite of tools that comes to mind is Zoho, which includes most of the MS Office tools, but with... Read more

Web 2.0 the Enterprise


I’ve been thinking a lot about the voting mechanism in Digg, Netscape beta and others that allows users to rate content as helpful or worthwhile. Think of Amazon’s “Was this rating helpful?” mechanism but with the power to literally elevate content to higher visibility. I think there are some... Read more

Sweet Resume Tool


Alex is a busy man. His “day” job has kept him busy with Netcape beta and now he’s publicizing his resume tool called “Emurse.” I encourage you to check it out. Here’s Alex’s press release regarding Emurse: “’s mission is to improve your job hunt. We believe that your... Read more

Diggidy Dugg


Seems there’s a buzz about AOL’s venture into user-recommended-and-rated-news. I am not writing this post to berate AOL for moving into a space carved out by Digg. Frankly, I do not think Digg owns the IP to this social news framework. Others like those at Newsvine have produced similar... Read more

Easy Chat


Did you know you could add chat to your website very easily? With Gabbly you can simply type in to your browser address line (best with Firefox) ‘’ where ‘mywebsite’ is your site. You can also embed the chat tool right into your web page like the example shown... Read more

Wiki Recommendations


I am looking to set up a wiki for my group at work. The idea is to share information regarding conferences, research, or anything else we’d like to share. We decided a wiki would be the best tool, but after a preliminary review of free products hosted by the... Read more

IA Summit Redux: DC-Style


On Saturday May 20, the local chapter of DC information architects got together to recap topics that were addressed and discussed at the 2006 IA Summit. This was a long time coming for me. I’ve been meaning to attend these local meetings, but life has, of course, gotten in... Read more

Comment Spam


Well, I've caved and have to turn off comments for a bit. For the last month or so, I've been getting slammed with comment and trackback spam - so much so that it takes me about an hour each day to stay on top of it.

I will turn... Read more

Which Stakeholder is Greater?


I understand that one of the big reasons went with its current solution was so that people could fill out forms offline. However, I wonder which stakeholder is more affected - the person who cannot have constant Internet access or the person who has a Mac (or another... Read more