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Usability ROI: A Collection of Resources

Some great usability ROI resources that I’ll try to keep adding to: Usability News: The Return on Investment (ROI) for Personas Usability First: Usability ROI: Case Studies Rashmi Sinha: ROI of Usability: A Collection of Links Dey Alexander Consulting: Return on investment WebWord: A Business Case for Usability I... Read more


CoverFlow is an innovative software program available for Apple computer owners (Tiger only). This is a great program for those who are visually-oriented. CoverFlow visually displays your music collection by cataloging the MP3 tags and then pulling cover art from a variety of sources such as... Read more

Egocentrically Altruistic Web 2.0

John Battelle recently asked readers to come up with a tagline for the next Web 2.0 conference. This will be the third such conference.

Year One included the tagline "The Web Is a Platform" to which Battelle remarks,

"That felt spot... Read more