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Information Architecture Summit 2008


This year your peers and industry experts will speak about how topics such as social networking, gaming, patterns, tagging, taxonomies, and a wide range of IA tools and techniques can help as users ‘experience information’. – April 10-14, 2008 (Miami, Florida USA)” – (About the Summit) I went to... Read more

What I Learned at Usability Conferences 2007


Yesterday, the local UPA DC chapter hosted,”What I Learned at the Usability Conferences – 2007.” I was part of a panel that represented the following conferences: Information Architecture (IA) Summit March 22-26, 2007, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Computer-Human Interaction (CHI) Conference May 2007, San... Read more

IA Summit 2007 Redux: Rashmi Sinha


A closing plenary from Rashmi Sinha. Rashmi is the creator of SlideShare. [Runtime: 49 slides | Please make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash installed on your computer to watch this slideshow. To download it, please visit: ] Tags: [Rashmi Sinha, SlideShare, User Experience, PowerPoint,... Read more

IA Summit 2007 Redux: Joshua Prince-Ramus


It’s been over a month since the IA Summit, and I’m only now getting a chance to write about the experience. I took notes from many of the sessions I attended, but I’ll try to link to available videos or slides when possible. An opening keynote: Joshua Prince-Ramus. I... Read more

Web 2.0 the Enterprise


I’ve been thinking a lot about the voting mechanism in Digg, Netscape beta and others that allows users to rate content as helpful or worthwhile. Think of Amazon’s “Was this rating helpful?” mechanism but with the power to literally elevate content to higher visibility. I think there are some... Read more

IA Summit Redux: DC-Style


On Saturday May 20, the local chapter of DC information architects got together to recap topics that were addressed and discussed at the 2006 IA Summit. This was a long time coming for me. I’ve been meaning to attend these local meetings, but life has, of course, gotten in... Read more

Branding, Marketing, and Blogging


For the last few months I have been telling my wife how useful blogging can be from a professional point of view. You see, my wife runs a small business, her own psychotherapy practice. She primarily focuses on marriage and family therapy.

Last week she... Read more

The Collaborative Filter


What is the benefit of folksonomy? I believe there are two important elements to this relatively new phenomenon:

  1. The "social" aspect of collaborative tagging allows users to find other users with potentially similar interests. On the surface, for example, this may seem no different than finding like-minded... Read more

Rating Taggers – “Thumbing”


The tagging phenomenon that exists for purveyors of information has many promising advantages for people. Unfortunately, by handing the power of creating personal taxonomies and classification to the end user, will we be better off?

Certainly one of the beautiful things about tagging is that it... Read more