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I do not envy those folks over at What a hurculean undertaking to provide a unified entryway into finding and applying for federal grants [author’s inquiry – is there a plan to support the full grants lifecycle, from apply to closeout?]. The politics involved. The clear communication... Read more

Which Stakeholder is Greater?


I understand that one of the big reasons went with its current solution was so that people could fill out forms offline. However, I wonder which stakeholder is more affected - the person who cannot have constant Internet access or the person who has a Mac (or another... Read more

More Mac Incompatibility with


Back in April I discussed how the federal government is discriminating against Macintosh users with regard to e-gov business transactions with the grantee community. I still cannot believe that OMB chose a solution that disregards a significant segment of its community. ... Read more

Effective Culture Change in the FBI


I recently read a CIO Magazine article that discusses some of problems the FBI has faced while attempting to implement technical solutions. Although technology projects have been successfully implemented, there still exists a culture that mimimizes the importance of these solutions. The article states Azmi [FBI CIO] is aware... Read more