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ACU To Go Foward With iPhone Application Development


As a follow up to my previous post, Abilene Christian University announced that they will give iPhones or iPod touches to incoming freshman next year. What this announcement likely means is that there will be considerable pressure put on the university’s web developers to successfully integrate existing systems and... Read more

A Vision of Ubiquitous Computing


I know I am an Apple fanboy (still holding out for the 3G iPhone), but I was inspired by the vision put forth by Abilene Christian University. Here’s a portion of their vision: “In the spring of 2007, a group of educators, technologists, and administrators at ACU crystallized these... Read more

Games in Education


Although a majority of my career has been spent working as a contractor for the federal government, I’m now working for a company in the e-learning industry. Therefore, I’ve begun to follow technology issues as it relates to education. Mark Wagner of the EdTechLife blog linked this interesting video... Read more